Jan Bot Jr

Who's Jan Jr. ?


Who is Jan jr.?


Jan is primarily the driver of Team Bot. He follows his personal coach’s advise to watch out for the bends, he pushes the throttle as well as his  his luck and he is the one to collect the prizes.

He has been given two more tasks in 2012: to maintain the newly launched website and to analyse the racing data so as to improve his results.

He also tries hard to assist the senior mechanic and not to be a nuisance in the process. It must be admitted that sometimes  he can come up with the right answers to nasty problems and he knows how to put things into perspective in seemingly  hopeless situations. But then, these are only rare moments.

During the many long trips of Team Bot he acts as navigator and sees to it that the food is fairly distributed. He is also the team member who closely monitors the team’s competitors and any developments in the world of motor sport.

He has been on the team longest after Jan sr.






















How things started off


Jan’s career started on his 3rd birthday. He had outgrown his beloved toddler’s  ride-on car which was why his parents were looking for a suitable alternative. It turned out that his birthday present, a pedal powered car, would trigger his career.  He was to pedal a great many miles in this green monster.  Its top speed may have been nothing to write home about, but the fixed rear axle with leaf springs provided stable road-holding that allowed Jan to develop his first feel for the perfect line. It was also round about this time that he began to understand that it was best to avoid gravel, walls, poles and similar obstacles. In retrospect, he had at this stage definitely been infected with a virus he would never lose again.


The following year he experienced his first day at the races in Zandvoort at a historic car event.

This was his first exposure to these roaring monsters, mileometers and speedometers, the penetrating smell of burning brakes and the precarious weather conditions at Zandvoort. He was also impressed by  strangely dressed men covered in oil and black grease climbing into their cars and igniting their engines with what appeared to him terribly complicated  operations.

He obviously liked the big sandpit too, as the next picture illustrates.













Next update: "How to become a racing driver?"

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