In general

How did you end up with it?


In the winter of 2009/2010 there was some consideration to be done. The competitors in our regular championship, the YTCC, were going faster and faster, our street-legal 325i was in need of some attention and upgrades. It was clear that most progress could be made in the suspension and weight-saving departments. Evaluating the options made one thing clear: the car needed some serious investments, actually more than it would ever be worth.


So what's next ?

We began to search for a car that was not only faster, but would also retain it's value. This automatically means you will be looking at cars that where raced from the moment they rolled out of the factory.
Because we were quite impressed with the reliabilaty of the 325i, a big improvement from the English stuff, we went to look after BMW's from the 80's with racing history. This excluded a lot of options and made searching a lot more easy. After some close calls with 635CSi's we decided that it had to be a E30 again, and preferably a M3.

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